Seven of the Most Common Reasons Why Marriages End in Divorce

It’s almost impossible not to wonder why half of all American marriages end in divorce. The number of people getting a divorce has skyrocketed since no-fault divorce laws were established in the 1970s. People still got divorced in the old days, but it was very rare and usually only when they were the victim of infidelity or abandonment. Nowadays though, there is no clear-cut reason why people are getting divorced in droves. If you are interested in learning about some of the main reasons why couples end up getting divorced, then keep reading to do so:

1. One of the main reasons for divorce is still infidelity. If you have ever been betrayed by your partner, then you will understand is how difficult it is to get over something like that.

2. You and your partner don’t communicate that will, then your marriage definitely won’t be on the right track. If you don’t communicate with your partner well enough, then you won’t be able to know what is going on in their lives.

3. Physically-abusive behavior is another oft-cited reason for divorce. No one should have to put up with being battered. If your partner is unwilling to change his or her abusive ways, then there is no way that your marriage will work out.

4. Thanks to the fact that the country is in bad recession, more and more couples are starting to face financial problems. It takes a strong bond to continue to hold when there are constant arguments and stresses about money.

5. Physical abuse isn’t the only type of the abuse that you can suffer, as emotional abuse can be just as bad. Often times, people are the victim of emotional abuse without even being aware of it and it will make them feel like they are completely worthless.

6. Couples can also end up getting divorced if one spouse is addicted to some sort of substance. Alcohol and drugs can often prompt people to become abusive not to mention the fact that it also puts a financial strain on the family.

7. Finally, many people end up getting divorced because their partner failed to live up to their expectations. When people first fall in love, it’s easy to imagine better qualities in each other than can be lived up to. Disappointment as these initial feelings can cause a couple of split up.

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