Premarital Counseling – You Need Before You Get Married?

The answer is always yes. Enter into a marriage without getting premarital counseling is like going into business without a proper business plan in mind. Did you know that the odds are only one in four if you decide to wing as a married couple without going through the consultation? It ‘s a sad fact, indeed, that almost half of all marriages end in divorce. To avoid being part of this statistic, the best solution is to get premarital counseling.

What is premarital counseling? It is usually given psychological support from a religious counselor who helps couples to adapt the skills and knowledge of real life to prepare and create awareness about the future conflicts that may arise as a married couple, and how to solve them. This is to help damage-proof your relationship before entering one of the greatest, most wonderful commitments in your life. The premarital counselor, who can be a family therapist or a member of the clergy, assisting the couple by providing them with activities that help develop skills they will need to successfully navigate through their marriage. The consultant also helps to identify the critical problem areas or differences between the pairs which can then cause conflicts, and help them solve first.

Areas of importance usually given to premarital counseling are the interests of the couple and the activities, expectations of themselves and the expectations of each other, expectations of marriage, communication with others, religion, family matters, the children, finance and intimacy and sexuality.

When is the best time for a couple to seek premarital counseling? According to studies, the best moments are when you are in a much younger age or were never married, or if one of you has a fear of commitment, when one or both of you have already had a failed marriage and want to avoid such mistakes, or when a couple can not resolve some significant problems. In some cases, when one of them had a history of abuse or domestic violence, this is an important case for advice as well. According to studies, this has been correlated with higher divorce rates. In this case, make sure you go to premarital counselor is skilled enough to tackle these issues.

In addition to premarital counseling, it is better to educate yourself in general. The Internet is very, very helpful in providing you with the proper knowledge of a general nature about this. You can also visit your local library or to get all the necessary information on marriage and relationships. Prepare mentally and emotionally for this new transition in your life.

Getting married and starting a family with new can be just two of the greatest achievements and the opportunities they will encounter in your life. When you go into business, we strive to make it as foolproof as possible, right? It ‘the same in marriage. “Damage-proof” your marriage can be only one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life.

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